Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Summer heat, dreams and visits

"And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And too often is his gold complexion dimm'd:" so wrote Shakespeare in Sonnet 18. 

I love the contradiction in emotion in the first two lines. Summer seems to vanish far too quickly, but on many hot days we long for the cooler more comfortable weather of early autumn. One could say we are never happy. One could also say we are ever in pursuit of balance which vanishes mirage-like as soon as we approach it from either end. Life is not placid. Perhaps it is for some, but for me there are always waves: some gentle like a cradle, some active like small quakes and some huge walls of waves threatening to capsize me and mine. My weather forecasting does not always work. I've been swept away by rogue waves and even a few tsunami waves on occasion. 

Back to balance or rather the pursuit of balance. It doesn't have the ring of "the pursuit of happiness" but I rather think it is more accurate. We want excitement, adventure, new experiences and yet we sometimes want some peace, some quiet, some anchor to keep us steady. Maybe some people are go go go all of the time, but many of us seek balance on the whole. The moon waxes and wanes, the seasons come and go, people are born and people die. To everything there is a season and on a macro level so it is with our lives. We are often too heavy on one side. In our busy world it is often on the side of  work. We are so many of us like Thursday's child working hard for a living. Then at home there is more work to do unless we are privileged enough to afford a cleaner and able to eat out when we wish. The hours drain away from our days leaving us wanting, craving something more- some luxury of time.

Balancing between now and tomorrow
We must be careful not to lose our focus
And fall into the net of the past
If we are to soar hawk-like in the great sky.

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